“Where to begin? From easing child birth to extreme migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatic nerve problems, infants and toddlers, Dr Bench has done wonders for our family. I love how friendly his staff and office environment are in addition to his services. It always amazes me when Dr Bench asks if you’ve had something specific going on, that you have but had not mentioned. This sounds silly, but he’s kind of like a body psychic 🙂 Okay so he’s just really good at what he does and the best part is he fixes it! Thanks Dr. B for everything!” – Carrie
“I look forward to my appointment every week! Dr. Bench has really helped me! I feel better and pain free after every appointment! Dr. Bench can tell what is wrong through the tiniest detail. He’s like a body psychic! And the staff is so friendly and caring. I love this place!!” – Bonnie
“Lily is 2 1/2 years old and has suffered with asthma since 9 months of age. Until her recent work with Dr. Bench, we have been told by numerous pediatricians that chiropractic and all other natural methods to manage asthma are not proven to help at all and that medications (lots of steroids) are the only proven method and the safest at this point. Lily has been hospitalized 3 times for 3-4 days at a time for her asthma with LOTS of Dr. appointments, allergy specialist appointments, ENT appointments, and daily steroid management. We started working with Dr. Bench 6 months ago and at that time Lily was on 3 medications, some twice a day, and having asthma attacks every 2 months or so. In the last 6 months we’ve had NO severe attacks, she is down to one medication once a day, and she is doing better than ever with her asthma!!!!!! We are SO happy to have found something that manages her asthma without harmful drugs. Thank you Dr. Bench!” – Relieved Mother of Lily
“I have had back problems for a long time and have had my back worked on and off. Over the years it got to hurting real bad, that’s why I came here. First of all, what Dr. Bench did to me I couldn’t see how it would do much, but right away myback started feeling better and that was without all the cracking that others had done. Themuscles started healing right away. Within just a few treatments I felt better than I had in years. It is nice to be able to get up in the morning without my back hurting as I start the day. I highly recommend Dr. Bench to anyone who needs their back worked on.” – Errol
“I started to see Dr. Bench for my skin. I have chronic hives and have sought out other doctors to find the cause without resolve. Dr. Bench found that my pelvis was unstable and putting pressure on my organs. Treatment started with repositioning my pelvis and working on my liver. The procedures have been gentle, I have felt great due to it, and my skin has been clearing up.

Thank you Dr. Bench.” – Michelle

“Dr. Bench is a great Doctor and I feel very comfortable letting him adjust my children. He has helped my daughter with chronic headaches!!!!! I would recommend him to anyone!” – Dr. Irma
“Dr. Bench. He was a great doctor, he listened to the concerns I had and addressed them. Dr. Bench also helped me with some physical therapy for an ankle injury. This resulted in me gaining more movement in my ankle and helped me become aware of how I was babying my ankle. I would recommend Dr. Bench to anyone I knew that was interested in Chiropractic care. He is an awesome doctor.” – Katherine
“Coming to Dr. Bench has been a great thing for my body. He uses new techniques of chiropractic care which has helped my back and neck. I am experiencing more mobility and less pain. Dr. Bench has been able to pinpoint the problems I’ve been having and has solutions for them.” – Darren, US Soldier
“I love visiting Dr. Bench! His knowledge and abilities encompass much more than just ‘getting your back cracked’. He analyzes your entire physical persona and will adjust whatever needs adjusting. My entire life I have had problems rotating my right shoulder- I thought for some reason it was just less flexible than my left shoulder. During one of our sessions Dr. Bench randomly asked me about the blood supply to my right shoulder. I responded that it occasionally hurts when I am exercising or throwing a lot, but that it had always been like that. He had me move my shoulder around while feeling my joints, and after less than a minute he asked me if he could adjust it. I responded yes, yet I pondered about how he was going to “adjust” my shoulder, but he moved it into position and gave it a little push. My shoulder joint twisted a little, but then it felt the same as before. He then had me repeat the motions he had observed earlier, and to my surprise I had much more free movement in my shoulder! I didn’t even know it was possible to “adjust” a shoulder!

I feel like this one example (I have many) clearly shows Dr. Bench’s attention to detail and his honest desire to help people live healthier, happier lives. I had no idea Chiropractors even thought about adjusting shoulders, but then again I have never before been to a Chiropractor who was as interested in my overall health as Dr. Bench!” – Jeremy

“I started seeing Dr. Bench after being in a huge car wreck. When I came into his office he asked if I had headaches. (I have had migraines 24/7 for the last 3 years) He amazingly took them away in that first visit. I’ve never had such an easy, great time going to a doctor visit. He is really convenient and AWESOME!!” – Lisa
“I LOVE Evolution Chiropractic! I had chronic headaches, lower and mid-back pain almost every day and when I laid down at night. Since working with Dr. Bench, my back pain is virtually gone, or easily managed with a simple visit with the doc, and my headaches only re-occurred 3 times in the last 4 months! I consider that a miracle! My favorite part of visiting with Doc Bench, is his personable attitude and his sincere desire to help me get back to doing what I want- playing with my kids, sleeping well, and feeling good every morning again, and able to attack my day with a healthy body. The Chiropractor is different than most I’ve been to. He does work with my internal organs and muscles, and not just bone adjustment. LOVE that” – Robyn
“Dr. Bench has been amazing in helping me with my back and neck pain that developed from a deployment to Iraq. I went to Dr. Bench and he has resolved the pain. He has even helped me with the pain in my leg that has bothered me since I sprained my ankle over five years ago. Dr. Bench is very down to earth and he actually listened to me. I recommend him to anyone. I plan on going to him after my second deployment.” – David, US Soldier
“I was very concerned about my health. I was only 33 years old, and already I was being told that I had pre-stroke conditions. There were periods of the day when I was extremely dizzy and both my hearing and vision were impaired. This made difficult for me to drive and take care of my infant and two young girls. After a CAT Scan, and EKG, a chest x-ray and a blood draw, my doctor told me there was definitely something wrong with me, but he didn’t have a clue what it was.

Thank goodness I was already a patient of Dr. Bench. He informed me that since stroke had been ruled out, he could take the steps needed to make me well. After my first visit with Dr Bench my symptoms improved dramatically, and I continued to see a rapid increase in my overall health during the next few weeks. Not only did he treat my chief complaints, he treated me for other conditions including chronic fatigue, headaches, backaches, and an overall feeling of ill health. He has improved the function of my liver, adrenal glands, spleen, and intestinal tract, telling me that much of my back pain was a sign of some type of dysfunction of these organs.

Only a few months later, I am completely pain free and I no longer suffer from chronic fatigue. Not only that, I have an overall sense of health and well-being that I knew I had been missing for years. Dr. Bench didn’t just fix my back, as many other Chiropractors have tried and failed to do. He has made my entire body well. It’s such a relief and comfort to know that there is a Doctor of his expertise in Idaho Falls.” – Jena

Chiropractor Patient Testimonials