What We Do

What we Do!

Your Pregnancy & Pediatric Home!

From the womb to the outside world, our goal is to optimize human potential.  We want to empower hope and show you what it feels like to be heard, get answers and experience miracles.

Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT® Methods)

  • Our doctor has hundreds of hours in SOT® Methods training and is a Certified Craniopath. SOT® Methods is a total body technique. It includes the internal organs, extremities and cranial structures.
  • This technique gives us many options for safe and gentle treatments for pregnant women and pediatric patients- some only days old!


Cranial Work

  • Dr Bench is a Certified Craniopath (CC). There are 5 bony plates in the head that can move slightly. By manipulating these bones, chiropractors are able to help a number of ailments, from AD(H)D, nightmares/terrors, latch issues, sinus congestion, SPD, vision, hearing and more!


  • Treatment of the whole body requires synchrony between the nervous system and the mechanical control system of the kinetic chain.

Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (CMRT)

  • Dr Bench has extensive training in CMRT through SORSI. When our Thermography Insight® scanner shows organ dysregulation/dysfunction, this technique is often applied. It is effectively treating the soft tissue organ areas associated with a vertebral (spinal) relationship.
  • Top uses: jaundice, colic, constipation, diarrhea, failure to thrive, skin disorders, glandular/hormone regulation and chronic/acute illness.


  • The Activator Chiropractic Technique is a gentle, low-force approach.
  • It is especially helpful for wiggly, apprehensive children. 🙂