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pregnancy chiropractic

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pediatric chiropractic idaho falls

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pediatric chiropractic idaho falls

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Pediatric Chiropractic

pediatric chiropractic idaho falls

The infancy, childhood, adolescence and teenage years are the most crucial to potential!
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Pregnancy Care

pregnancy chiropractic

We help pregnant women and their babies before birth to optimize potential!
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“Where to begin? From easing child birth to extreme migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatic nerve problems, infants and toddlers, Dr Bench has done wonders for our family. I love how friendly his staff and office environment are in addition to his services. It always amazes me when Dr Bench asks if you’ve had something specific going on, that you have but had not mentioned. This sounds silly, but he’s kind of like a body psychic Okay so he’s just really good at what he does and the best part is he fixes it! Thanks Dr. B for everything!”


“Lily is 2 1/2 years old and has suffered with asthma since 9 months of age. Until her recent work with Dr. Bench, we have been told by numerous pediatricians that chiropractic and all other natural methods to manage asthma are not proven to help at all and that medications (lots of steroids) are the only proven method and the safest at this point. Lily has been hospitalized 3 times for 3-4 days at a time for her asthma with LOTS of Dr. appointments, allergy specialist appointments, ENT appointments, and daily steroid management. We started working with Dr. Bench 6 months ago and at that time Lily was on 3 medications, some twice a day, and having asthma attacks every 2 months or so. In the last 6 months we’ve had NO severe attacks, she is down to one medication once a day, and she is doing better than ever with her asthma!!!!!! We are SO happy to have found something that manages her asthma without harmful drugs. Thank you Dr. Bench!”


Fantastic Pediatrics! The only place I completely trust to get me answers on how to take care of myself and my child!

Dr Bench Idaho Falls Chiropractor

Dr. Bench

“Hello! We are passionate about children and their potential to be EPIC! I am a Pediatric Chiropractor who specializes in the incredible human body and it’s epic potential! I invite you to envision your child’s life as perfect as it was made to be. If it’s not, we can help! We understand your concerns, your fears, your worries. Play with us and live life fully!”

Our office has been open in Idaho Falls since 2010 and our doc is Internationally Certified in SOT® methods. This gives us a unique insight into the problems of the human body. It’s a holistic and total body approach to your care.

Evolution Chiropractic has extensive training in:

  • Chiropractic Pediatric Concerns

  • Pregnancy Specific Cases

  • … and More

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Using our State of the Art Insight® Machine, we can get an incredible view of your nervous system and mark progress and needs!

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